понедельник, 19 марта 2012 г.

News of innovation in the automotive industry.

 Three pedals in one In Russia invented multifunctional pedal control of the vehicle, it replaces the gas pedal, brake and hand brake. Additional advantages of the original technical solutions include such qualities as ease of installation on a standard car with automatic transmission, reducing production costs and increasing comfort for drivers and security for all participants in the movement. This new product can become a new stage in the development of the automotive industry. When you press the pedal with the toe of the foot she consistently passes through three functional zones: the zone of movement (the upper position of the pedals) - when you press the pedal there is a decrease in the speed; the zone of inhibition (average pedal position) by pressing on the pedal, the driver can slow down and stop the vehicle; area parking (lower pedal position) by pressing on the pedal, the driver introduces her to the device lock. 
Patent of RUSSIAN FEDERATION 2443575

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